FANGDA Metals & Minerals GmbH,
founded in 2000 and located in Duesseldorf , Germany , the center of highly developed industry in Europe, is a global supplier of a wide range of products including, but not limited to: Barite Ore and Powder, Primary Chemicals (including Grinding Media) and Industry Minerals . Thanks to our well-established position in the market and our deeply co-operative relationship with manufacturers, we are continually developing new products and expanding our customer base.

Our company strives to foster close relationships with customers to ensure their necessities and satisfaction in the principle of persisting in quality, maintaining equality and a win-win development. Both our cost-effective and creative solutions within this market have enabled us to accommodate ourselves to the needs of an even larger world market.

We take pride not only in the reliability and quality of our products, but also in the speed in which these transactions are made. We have successfully achieved this by overcoming numerous obstacles in order to minimize or diminish customer hassles by utilizing our organized professional services. We strive to optimize the quality of goods by protecting imported goods against damage, loss, and inefficient utilization.

Over the last decade we have elevated ourselves to become one of the most trusted suppliers of metals, minerals and chemicals. Our commitment to excellence has helped expand our customer service all over the world. Our world-class expertise has enabled us to develop quickly and will continue dynamically.

Above all,our primary goal is to fully serve our customers more competitively, efficiently and successfully as a whole.

-Natural Barite Ore
     -Natural Barite Ore
-Natural Barite Powder
     -Drilling Grade Powder
     -Chemical Grade Powder
     -Paint Grade Powder
Primary Chemicals
-Ammonium Chemicals
-Barium Chemicals
-Magnesium Chemicals
-Phosphate Chemcials
-Sodium Chemicals
-Strontium Chemicals
-Zinc Chemicals
-Zirconium Chemicals
-Grinding Media
Industrial Minerals
-Bauxite, Flint Clay, Mullite
-Titanium Dioxide
-Titanium Slag